Trump will not Tolerate Double role of India’s Neighbors

In an apparent reference to Pakistan, a member of US President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has said that the incoming President will not tolerate dual role from India’s neighbour. “The President-elect has made that policy very very clear that he is not going to tolerate dual role from India’s neighbours,” transition team member Shalab Kumar said.

He added that the prime objective during the first year of Trump’s presidency is to increase trade between Washington and New Delhi to $300 billion from $100 billion a year. “Through that trade you will have more than a million jobs created in US and same way in India you will have more than 8-9 million jobs in manufacturing sector. India has already excelled in software,” said Kumar. Republican Hindu Coalition India Ambassador and Trump supporter Manasvi Mamgai also said that Trump is going to be the best USA President for India so far as he has shown vocal support to New Delhi.

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